Sean Payton Will Coach This Year. It won't in the NFL. He'll be coaching his son's team in Suburban Dallas.  After a round of golf, the suspended Saints coach commented, "I look forward to cutting the oranges, hauling the Gatorade and watching my son play every game --

and being a part of calling plays for his offense and doing some things like that that really get me excited and I know get him excited."

When asked for his thoughts on the recent allegations against Saints GM Mickey Loomis, Payton didn't mince words. "It's hogwash," Payton said, and added "It's garbage, Obviously, I wasn't here (he came to New Orleans to 2006), but I know Mickey Loomis well enough, and I would consider him a close friend and professionally one of the best general managers in sport. ... If you really study what he does in the booth, he listens closely to the broadcast, watches the games and for him to begin to try to dissect that language and everything -- just the way it was reported was awful, I'll say that."

I'd make a safe bet Connor's team will be competitive.