Sean Payton returned to his head coaching job with the Saints about two months ago, and seemingly everyone in Who 'Dat Nation is glad he's back.  The Saints were, in my view, like a ship without a rudder in 2012.  Coach Payton is trying to guard against any notion within the Saints' organization that all is well just because he's back.
NFC coaches met with the media Wednesday at the NFL owners meetings in Phoenix. Coach Payton said the Saints did a lot of things that kept them from winning in 2012, ranking last in total defense, and worst all time. They were also 25th in rushing. With three Pro Bowlers on the offensive line, and their depth at running back, there's no excuse for that.

The coach says he found himself yelling at the TV.

The first thing that became apparent, and I'm alluding to what I said earlier, you try to evaluate the type of job the quarterback has. His two greatest allies are a good defense, one that can turn the ball over, and a decent or good running game. And if you went back, '11 we won, '10 we won, '09 we won 16, '06 we won. In those four seasons, we had balance and we ran the football. - Sean Payton

Coach Payton say's he's going to approach 2013 as if starting at square one with a new team that's coming off a losing season and needs a lot of changes to return to playoff contention.

He did that in '06, and the Saints played in their first NFC Championship game.