This photo of Saints head coach Sean Payton was taken during Sunday's 23-17 Saints win over the arch rival Atlanta Falcons. He appears to have a lot on his mind.

Chris Graythen/Getty Images

A published report from says Saints head coach Sean Payton has been named the defendant in a paternity suit filed Monday morning in New Orleans Civil District Court. It's a class action suit, reportedly brought by the citizens of Atlanta.
Coach Payton took the reigns of a struggling franchise in 2006, and led the Black & Gold to the NFC Championship game in his first season with the team. Payton has compiled a 12-3 record against the bitter division rivals during his time at the helm.
This has led to a lot of internet chatter to the effect that Payton is the Falcons' "Daddy".
The Saints' head coach reportedly had this response to the allegations, "Obviously there is a great deal of confusion in this case. I have definitely lorded over them, scolded them, punished them, and occasionally beat them like a red headed stepchild when they have disobeyed me in my house, but does this suit have merit? Definitely not.”