When I got up this morning, (There were still a few minutes of morning left.) I was feeling the need for "hair of the dog." After my coffee & 3 links of NuNu's Boudin for "breakfast," I decided to see what I could come up with.

Bloody Mary came to mind, so I searched the kitchen for the ingredients. I found vodka & Clamato juice. I have Canadian friends who like to use that. They call it a "Bloody Caeser." I had no lemon, lime, celery, or spiced beans. Oh, well. Here in Cajun Country, we improvise. I put 3 large stuffed olives, ice, 3 boiled shrimp, & 2 oz. of vodka in my "redneck wineglass." Thank you, Sally Ranton. I topped it off with Clamato & seasoned it with Crystal Sauce, Worcestershire, NuNu's Cajun seasoning, and a teaspoon of seafood cocktail sauce.  It's not bad, but I have no idea what to call it. Any suggestions?