Our news partners at KATC are reporting that the Lafayette Parish School Board is evaluating its school cell phone policy next Wednesday. The possibility exists that the current ban, which does not allow students to use phones or have them visible or audible, could be revisited and even revised. It's believed some on the board may encourage more cell phone freedom, as some see cell phones as a potential 'educational tool.'

As a former teacher of almost ten years, I personally think the ban is far too lax as it currently stands. I heard horror stories from other teachers of students using their phones' cameras to take photos of other students over bathroom stall doors. These photos were then posted to social media and used to bully the students photographed. I also personally witnessed students using cell phones to cheat on exams.

In my opinion, I think any potential educational applications of cell phones in schools are outweighed by the risks involved in allowing students access to their phones at all. Many schools collect phones from students at the beginning of the day and then return them after the school day ends.

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