I hate to begin any line of reasoning with the "women have it easier" argument, since women can always use the "we have to deal with pregnancy" rebuttal, which always wins any argument.

That said, women have it easier when it comes to comfortable clothing in the workplace. Men are required by most workplaces to wear long pants to work. It's not so bad in the winter/spring months, but it's brutal in the summer months, especially here in south Louisiana.

Y'see, ladies, our man-legs are generally hairy and thus get hot easily. Long pants trap in that heat and make us miserable. Long pants can also lead to other horrible things for men, like leg-hair loss and even blindness!

Okay, I made up the stuff about hair-loss and blindness. Just take my word for it, ladies. The men in your life (and throughout the world!) are suffering from having to wear long pants.

So, what's the solution? While there are very likely a few strong Scottish roots in my family tree, authentic and durable kilts are simply too expensive, though really awesome!

Instead, I recommend the knickerbocker (a.k.a. knickers, knee-breeches, or plus-fours). They're light and comfortable, and men already wear them when they play golf. And since many executives/bosses/employers are big golf-players, it makes perfect sense! Also, knickerbockers go well with calf-length socks and dress shoes, making them appropriate but far more comfortable alternatives to pants in the workplace.

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