I saw an old friend today and it simply made my day.  I had not seen him in years but like a soap opera, in 5 minutes I was caught up.


It felt like Luke and Laura were going to walk into Great Harvest on Kaliste Saloom Rd. today when I saw my old buddy Dallas Begnaud.  Dallas was on the radio with us many moons ago and since has lived in Corpus Christi, TX., Houston, TX., and China.  Dallas has a lovely wife and three boys.  But as so many do, Dallas ended up back home with his old job at Great Harvest.

Debbie Ray and I were talking on-air just the other day about how most people can't wait to leave here, but almost always end up right back where they started from.  Why is that?

To say Lafayette, LA. is a unique place, would be an understatement.  Same applies to all of Acadiana.  People probably leave to look for grass that's greener, but most of the time people come to the realization that nothing's wrong with the grass here. They load up a U-Haul and come home.  So what makes people return?

Why do people come back to a place riddled with horrible roads, a corrupt state government, unbearable traffic, environmental problems, etc.  The PEOPLE!  I know you've heard it time and time again, but it's true.  Yeah the food's good too, but who cooks the food?  PEOPLE!

I posted on Facebook a few days ago that Lafayette is a wonderful place to live and work.  And it's true.  I have another friend that, as I type this, is texting me from one of the most amazing places in the world and he can't wait to get home to his family.

No matter where you are, how grand a place you might land or how big the salary, without friends of old and family ... it ain't nothin' but a place.  For New Years, I brought in 2014 in a barn between Congress and Fieldspan.  I was on vacation and could have been anywhere in the world, and many times have been, without family or friends, and it was such a let down.  Put me in a barn with a bunch of Cajuns whom I enjoy over a city with millions of people whom I don't know any day!

Cajuns are just unique creatures.  It's like we have an extra gene that makes us love God and people. We love eating spicy foods, outdoor activities like fishing and hunting. We drink beer and don't worry about being a little overweight. Finally, we sure do like a little lovin' every now and then.  I was out in Texas one night and someone asked me where I was from. I said Lafayette, La. and the person said to me, "You Louisiana boys like to eat and (a word that sounds like stuck)".  I just laughed.

For those of you who have relocated here from other places around the globe, welcome!

You may think we are a little backwards or kinda dumb. We may smoke, eat and drink too much, but you will never find a more special group of people on the planet.  And we'll party at the drop of a hat ... and someone always has a hat!

So here's to you Acadiana, boy I wish I were holding a martini, here's to many years of never changing.  Years of holding family in our bosoms.  Years of great recipes.  And years of being a loving, caring people who respect our heritage.

Dallas, you are one of my favs, it was great seeing you today my friend!