So, my neighbor likes me enough to think about me when he has an extra ticket for the Saints games.  He doesn't just think about me, he calls me and invites me to go with him!
His season tickets are in the 600 level, which I like for football games (because I like being able to get an 'overview' of the field, with all the action!).  It's not that I would mind sitting in the 100 level for a game and having one of the players come flying through the end zone after making a fantastic catch and jumping into the stands to sit with the fans in a celebratory fashion; I am sure that would be great, too.  But I am very happy in the 600 level.
Now, with that being said, I can see several things from the 600 level, including a great overview of MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE PART OF THE GAME:
My absolute favorite part of the whole game is summed up in this picture....(Staff Photo)


Here are some other shots from the game on Sunday:


I wonder how many Bloody Marys are sold on game day? (Staff Photo)


Look! It's not Rob Ryan! (Staff Photo)


This little guy was ready for some football!! (Staff Photo)


I think that it is safe to say that most people use the escalators to get to their seats.... (Staff Photo)


Look: a $7 hot dog! (Staff Photo)


JayCee, Paul and "Red"... (Staff Photo)


After the game, some players from both teams meet at midfield for (what appeared to be) prayer... (Staff Photo)


Here is a vid of one of the 3rd down conversion attempts that the Saints squashed....  the noise level was around 115 decibels!!



What was my least favorite part of the game?  When this happened...


I think that he sprained his left leg (or something)


(Via GIFSection)