I had the opportunity to go to the New Orleans Saints' game yesterday in style, thanks to Paul Huval of Cajun Express Catering!

Paul called me last week and told me that he had an extra ticket for the Saints game against the Cardinals, and asked if I wanted to go.... well, duh!  Of course!

He told me that he was going to pick me up at 6:45, because we had to meet the bus at 7.  "Bus?" I asked.  "Oh, yes, and the folks on it are fun!" was the response.

We met the bus in Broussard, and then we stopped in New Iberia to pick up the rest of the crew, and then headed towards New Orleans via Highway 90.

The identities of the passengers altered by request.


Let me back up a little bit:  Saturday night, after the Kansas concert, I took a few minutes to put together some Jell-O shots, thinking that if it is a "fun" bus, they would enjoy some shots.

I had gone to the store earlier in the day to buy the Jell-O and the little cups to store them in (thanks to my Facebook friends for letting me know where to get the cups!) and, knowing that I had some liquor in the cabinet at home, I didn't buy any extra.

Well, I found two different recipes for Jell-O shots online; one that called for vodka, and one that called for tequila.  I had Kettle One vodka, and Patron tequila.  Y'all, I made TOP SHELF JELL-O SHOTS!!  Ha!  60 of them!  The bus ride was a little quiet for the first few miles (they have a tradition of not 'popping any tops' until Patoutville, but as we crossed the tracks there, it was like a pack of Black Cat firecrackers going off!), and then I knew it was time to share the Jell-O shots.

I passed the ice chest down the aisle of the bus, and maybe, I mean just maybe 5 people took a shot from me.  "Hmmmm.... is this bus really a 'fun' bus?" I thought to myself as I headed back to my seat.

After a few miles, I thought that I would try again, so I pushed the ice chest down the aisle again, but this time I let them know that the 'green' ones were Lime Jell-O with Patron, and the 'red' ones were Strawberry Jell-O with Kettle One.  After that announcement, I could have sworn I was on the bus with a bunch of radio DJs!  Those things were flying out of the ice chest! HA!!  (Pretentious much, are we?  HAHA!!)



Our next stop was at the mid-way point (not sure if it is actually mid-way, but the Bloody Marys were calling out to several passengers!), Frank's on Highway 90 in Des Allemands.



We got to the dome, got off the bus (several last-minute Jell-O shot grabbers at that point), and as I was stretching my legs, I notice a bicycle chained to the fence outside of the parking lot.....



We made our way towards the music in Champion Square, and even got to enjoy the New Orleans Saints Drum Line perform for a few minutes.



Then, it was game time!


Almost game time!


And what a great game it was!  Drew Brees even rushed a few yards, one of them good for a touchdown.... the dome went wild!

Then, it was back to the bus for the trip home (Paul told me that, since the Saints won, the bus ride home would be even better than the ride to the game;  he wasn't wrong!)

Before I knew it, the Jello-O shots had been whittled down to less than a dozen!




Not many left!



After we got back and said our goodbyes, it was time to eat!!  So, Paul, Ty, and I headed to pick up Kristen, and then it was off to eat!


Ty, Kristen, Paul, JayCee; this photo not altered, it's just a terrible shot.


We hadn't been to the Boiling Point since they opened their new location, so that's what we decided on:  The Boiling Point's boiled shrimp and crabs!

Dinner at Boiling Point

What a great trip!  Special thanks to &(**^(@#%$ and @(%&*& for being so hospitable on the bus!  (Of course, their names have been altered, as well!)

A few things that I liked about the bus... the first is obvious:  we didn't have to drive to New Orleans!  Another is that we got to hang out with some fun people and make new friends...  and the third is that it allowed everyone to have fun and be safe (no drinking and driving!!).  A great idea for a group!

Oh, one name that I CAN mention:  our bus driver. Pat. Great job, Pat.


Oh, I think that the Saints won the game!