Tucker and I appreciated the 1 hour, 9 minute lightening delay during the Saint's game today. It gave us an opportunity to get in a lil nap on the sofa.  After that, it was a ho-hum game UNTIL THE LAST FEW MINUTES!!

And maybe my use of the word "barely" in the title of this post isn't proper, because if the Saints hadn't brought at least a little "game" to the game, they would have lost.
In the end, Drew Brees did his thing and was able to get the team into field goal range with just seconds left on the clock, and then Hartley did his thing and kicked a field goal, making the score 16-14 (Saints).
That last few minutes were invigorating, to say the least.  On Facebook, during the game, there was lots of trash talk for Hartley for missing one of the field goals, and I don't know why, but lots of people were upset with that Ingram guy... but Hartley, in the end, did what he needed to do and made everything all better.
So, UL win, LSU win, and the Saints (must own stock in a hypertension medication company) get an exciting, last-second win.... what a weekend!!
Which leads me to my question:  Do you prefer a football game in which:
A) the game is a blow-out, a certain win (like UL's game this weekend)?  
B) a game that is back-and-forth throughout? 
C) a game that is almost one-sided, with a last-minute comeback?  or
D) any game in which the Cowboys lose? 
Just curious to know which is your favorite... 
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