According to, the New Orleans Saints are reportedly under investigation for a new bounty program. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell handed down crippling penalties to  the Saints franchise in 2012. Jonathan Vilma & Will Smith fought their suspensions in court & they were ultimately overturned. Assistant head coach Joe Vitt served a six- game suspension. General Manager mickey Loomis sat out 8 games, while head coach Sean Payton was suspended for the entire season. A report at states Payton is still bitter, and out for blood.

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A "recently released" player, who hasn't been named reportedly told the commissioner's office coach Payton has told his team, "I want body parts!"

The unnamed player’s claims gained credibility when Cardinals safety Rashad Johnson lost a finger on a play involving Saints running back Darren Sproles. Goodell is reportedly taking the situation "very seriously".

Anonymous sources claim Sproles was paid an undisclosed sum for the finger. Unconfirmed reports also say the highest bounty was offered was for Matt Ryan’s head. Cam Newton’s "man parts"  and Josh Freeman’s heart were also reportedly on the list.

The Saints' 2013 season is shaping up to be scandal - plagued. We reported after opening day, coach Payton has been named defendant in a paternity suit. The suit, filed by citizens of Atlanta, alleges he is the Falcons' "Daddy."