So, I like to travel, and I like to take pictures of my travels.  I mean, who doesn't, right?  Well, if I ever lose a roll of film, or a flash drive containing my pics, I hope that someone makes an effort to find me like Todd Beiber did.

Todd Beiber.  He's the guy in New York who found a roll of film in the snow, had them developed, and then made a very compelling video of the pictures, in efforts of finding the owner.  Remember that story?  If not, watch this:

Now that you know the back story, guess what?  Yep,  according to Yahoo! News, it looks like Todd found the person responsible for taking the pictures!  Not only was he able to reunite the film with the owner, he made friends along the way, and, at the end of his journey....  well, on second thought, I won't spoil the ending... watch the reunion, and his 5-country trek to make that reunion, here: