Earlier today, ESPN reported NFL Cmmissioner Roger Goodell and Suspended New Orleans Saints' Head Coach Sean Payton have been discussing Payton's return to the NFL. The report states that Goodell hasn't ruled out allowing Payton to return to the Saints before the the Superbowl.

It looks like they've jumped the gun. Being a Saints fan, maybe I'm not being particularly objective. it seems to me that ESPN is trying to glean as much mileage as possible out of the Saints' problems this year. Remember the Alleged Mickey Loomis eavesdropping  flap earlier this year? A state Police investigation turned up Nothing. NFL.com reports no such duscussions have taken place.There's no mention of it on the Saintswebsite. Maybe they should leave the art of storytelling to their parent company, Disney.

Thearon W. Henderson, Getty Images