The name Les Paul evokes reverence among musicians, producers, music store owners, radio Djs and anyone passionate about music. Today (June 9th) would be his 96th. birthday. If you've ever listened to a music recording or enjoyed a live concert, your life has been brightened by his genius. Les invented the solid-body electric guitar, and pioneered the technique of multi-track recording. Les also had a very successful recording career, partnering with his wife, Mary Ford.  Whoever makes your favorite music, he's responsible, in no small way, for making it as good as it is. reports Google has created a 'Doodle' to salute the legend on the anniversary of his birth.  Les was not only the inventor of the solid-body electric guitar, he played it pretty well, too!  He appeared in a commercial for Coors beer in the late 1980's that made me smile.

For even more history on the legend, check out the following video.