I watch television. I enjoy it. I am not ashamed to admit it.

I will go so far in my profession of television love to admit that one might call certain reality shows my guilty pleasure. Maybe they are the bubble gum-for-the-mind-elixir I crave, with too many things of greater consequence to think about during the rest of the day. Whatever the reasons, at night, after the rest of my family sleeps, I watch a good hour and a half of television — and I enjoy the routine.

In my opinion, the best “reality” show is Amazing Race. It’s not mean-spirited. They travel the world. The tasks are interesting, and the show is well produced. However, I also enjoy the old standard Survivor, as well. And, if you consider American Idol and Dancing with the Stars reality television, they’re fun to watch too.

While all those shows recently ended their seasons, thanks to ABC, we have a new season of The Bachelorette to relish. Dear old Emily. Has there ever been a better character for reality television? Not only is she beautiful, she has a tragic story including a love who was killed in a plane crash and a young daughter. Her story tugs at the heartstrings. On top of all of that, she seems to be a decent human being. The bachelorettes ABC has cast have a better success rate in finding love, or any semblance thereof, than the bachelors. Anyone who's watched the show for long can attest that the decision factor for the men seem to be more on connections of the libido than matters of the heart.

On the other hand, the women only have one bonafide "happily ever after" couple to show for the program, so who knows what will happen this season. Three episodes in, I’m wondering if any of the candidates will prove to be Emily-worthy? What do you think? Does she find love this season?