I turned on my computer this morning and there in my inbox sat a quote that changed me, and it may also affect you too.

The morning of November 16th may be one to remember for me.  You see, that's the morning I woke up alone, as usual, in my quaint little home in Judice, La. after having been out the night before with friends and yes I probably did stay out too late especially since I had been up since 4AM that morning.  At 50, I don't just wake up raring to go even if I haven't been out the night before, trust me.  But this particular morning was even worse than usual.  The back was hurting, allergies flaring up, the feelings that come with age, you know.

Speaking of age, turning 50 in September really wore me out mentally.  Fifty!  Wow!  When I was a kid, at 50, one was almost dead.  Now they tell me it's the new 30...yeah right.  I don't look or feel 30.  But having birthdays beats the hell out of not having them so I'll live with 50.

So on this party cloudy Saturday morning, I popped open the laptop as always, and there it was in my inbox, a quote sent to me by our boss.  He sent it out to all Townsquare Media users which said to me, he knew he had found a good one...and I agree 100%.  It's a very simple quote and I had even read it before, but today, it really hit home for some reason.  I hope it makes you think as it did me.  I hope after reading it, you can readjust some things in your life to make the number you come up with even smaller.  This quote may not even be earth shattering to you today, but one day, it may change your life.  It sure did affect me.

How old would you be if you didn't know how old you are?

― Satchel Paige