Baltimore Ravens' ten-time All-Pro linebacker Ray Lewis fears crime in the U.S. will escalate if the 2011 NFL season is lost to a lockout. Lewis told ESPN he fears the frustration of not having NFL football to watch will combine with the need for people to find something else to do, and he fears it won't be a pretty picture. 

'Do this research if we don't have a season -- watch how much evil, which we call crime, watch how much crime picks up, if you take away our game. There's too many people that live through us, people live through us,' he said. 'Yeah, walk in the streets, the way I walk the streets, and I'm not talking about the people you see all the time.'   -Ray Lewis

I fear the 2-time NFL Defensive Player Of The Year may have a point.

Ray Lewis, 'Watch How Much Crime Picks Up'