You may have seen Graceland during the day, now see what Elvis Presley, the night owl, saw as we take a rare look at Graceland at night.

During a recent visit to Memphis, CJ from the CJ and Debbie Ray morning show had the chance to take a once in a lifetime evening tour of Graceland. "It was surreal to watch the head supervisor/archivist of Graceland unlock the front door of Graceland at midnight just as Elvis would," said CJ. "I can see why Elvis stayed up all night and slept during the day. Graceland is alive at night. I'd seen it many times during day tours, but this time it was like I was seeing Graceland for the very first time."

His bedroom window, the jungle room, the meditation garden night! These pictures include Lisa Marie Presley's baby bible, a rare look at Gladys and Vernon's bathroom, and the leather suit Elvis wore for the 1968 NBC Singer Special later known as The '68 Comeback Special. You'll also see the last car Elvis drove through the gates of Graceland after returning from the dentist in the early hours of August 16, 1977 the day he died.

"During this tour, I expected Elvis to walk down those stairs, his presence is that powerful at night," said CJ. "My son and I played around Graceland as though we had just bought it. And that was after seeing the historical Lisa Marie Presley concert at The Shell in Memphis where Elvis performed for the very first time and right before the tour of Graceland we met Priscilla Presley and Lisa Marie in the Elvis Presley Car Museum across the street. Plus it was the weekend of my 50th birthday! One amazing night that I will never forget!"

These are just a few of the pics taken during this historical trip to Memphis...