All of us have, at one time or another, found something had been placed on our windshield while we were in a store, church, or a movie. Sometimes it's just an annoyance like a flyer for a restaurant; other times, it's a religious tract made by one religious denomination to spew hatred about another religious denomination.

Rarely do we find something positive and encouraging on our windshields, something we might even decide to keep.

An anonymous individual has taken it upon themselves to leave collages containing inspirational messages on the windshields of strangers' vehicles. Here's the collage-maker's purpose in his/her own words, from Collage for the People:

I grew up watching painful sorrow. As a follower of postsecret, I have witnessed how other peoples' words can heal. So, in early April, 2013, I started turning my art(really it's just crafts, I'm not that fancy) into making collages with messages and leaving them anonymously on people's cars. I hope this spreads as much joy to the receivers as it does to me.

Check out the various collages and think about how you might also be able to make a seemingly small yet powerful gesture of positivity to others.