Some people may not agree that it is actually "theft", but to use (or mis-use) tax money for a pet project that helps only a limited number of constituents is unethical.  And, it makes people mad.

Take for instance the Murtha Airport in Johnstown, PA.  This story tells how Congressman John Murtha (D, PA) used over $150 million in taxpayer funds to build an airport, bearing his name, in the middle of Nowhere, Pennsylvania.  (Zoom out on this map, and you'll see.)
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This video contains a story from ABC news done two years ago, just after Murtha's death.

I know that projects like this happen too often, but what can be done?  In Louisiana, since 1997, our legislature has spent over $140 million on golf courses.

Will it take voting ALL of our representatives from office and putting in new ones?  Term limits?  Or should we ask our representatives to practice ethics and self-control (or is THAT too much to ask)?  Let me know what you think.