A co-worker and I had a conversation (after office hours, of course) about political affiliations, and he said that I sounded like a Libertarian.  I asked "how would I know?".

He handed me a card with this website printed on it:

When I got to the site, I answered the questions as best I could, and then clicked "Get Your Results".  Now, as a disclaimer:  I do not know who put this 'quiz' together; I do not know how 'scientific' this quiz is, nor do I know the margin of error, so-to-speak.

The result of the quiz (as to where this site considered me to stand politically) surprised me;  I had never considered whether I was Republican, Democrat, or Libertarian.  I just always voted based upon the politicians' agenda, not along party lines.

As I searched for other quizzes that (purportedly) tell you where you stand politically, a few popped up in the search results.  Again, I don't know how scientific these quizzes are, so take them at  your own risk!!


(Via Google,)