If you are an animal lover, do not read this story.

A police officer in Baltimore is in hot water after allegedly cutting a(n already contained) dog's throat, without provocation.

The 7 year-old Shar Pei, Nala, had escaped the confines of its yard, and was found a few blocks away by a neighbor, who called police.

As the neighbor tried to 'rescue' the dog, the dog nipped her finger.  The neighbor reported that the police used several poles to apprehend the dog, and that the dog looked scared, but was never aggressive towards them.  After being apprehended with a noose pole, the neighbor did note that one officer was being aggressive, putting his knee in the dog's chest, even though the dog was under control with the pole.

An officer allegedly pulled out his knife and cut the dog's throat after the neighbor boarded an ambulance to be treated for the nip.

The office has been placed on suspension without pay, and is being charged with malfeasance in office and aggravated animal cruelty.


(Via WBAL)