Okay, so this morning I was cruising around on the NEW and IMPROVED Facebook site, when one of my friends (Kristie Mire) posted a link to a video advertising the new "Doggie Doo" game, produced by Goliath Games (makers of Mad Mouse, Fast Food, Pop the Pig and Tomb of Doom, among others).  It is a scant :17 long, so I watched it.  And, much to my joyous horror (confusing, I know), this is what I saw.

First, let me start with this:  I am not a parent (which is apparently apparent).  But, had this toy been out when my nephews were little, I think that Uncle John would have scored some "Cool" points with the kids, and some "you didn't!!" points with my sister.

Here's a mom's review of the toy, with video of actual play-time with the kids.

What's the strangest toy known to America?  Is this toy too "real" for your family?

(Via Youtube)