I'm convinced that people who design hotels, have never stayed in one.  Sure, nothing is ever going to be as comfortable as your own home, but hotels could do one thing to make life away from home a much better experience.

Townsquare Media, Staff Photo

No I can't stop parents who allow their kids to yell, scream and run up and down the hallways of hotels as though the corridors of the Holiday Inn is the entrance to Disney.  I can even put up with the occasional hair in places I'd rather not see one.  Air-conditioners that can hardly do the job because the filter hasn't been changed since the hotel was built also drive me insane, but I handle that by removing the filter as soon as I walk into the room.  The air-conditioner thanks me by instantly blowing cool air throughout the room.  Even the remote control that doesn't work is understandable.  But there is one thing about hotels that is specially a design flaw and makes no sense.  Doors that SLAM shut.

Townsquare Media, Staff Photo

Do architects do this on purpose?  Do they sit at their design tables, create these luxuriously costly hotels with built-in malls and restaurants and equip the rooms with a 200 pound door that will slam itself shut,  just to get a laugh?  Really, do they sit there and just laugh and laugh.  Imagine if you had doors that did this at your house.  YOU WOULD MOVE.

I've come to the conclusion that no human being can sleep past 5:30AM on a Sunday morning at any hotel in the world.  It's checkout day and everybody's headed out.  But let's talk about that for a second.  Do the people leaving their rooms early in the morning really need to allow the 200 pound door placed on the hotel room entrance by a designer who's never stayed in a hotel in his life, to SLAM shut?  At this point the obnoxiousness and blame has to be shared, right?  I guess people think they shouldn't have to worry about slamming a hotel door as they've paid $120 dollars a night and they are on vacation damn it.  Well listen up, manners shouldn't escape you just because YOU are on vacation.

But I digress.  Okay, it's 2017, can't we make a hotel room door equipped with a gadget that prevents it from slamming shut?  Some sort of hydraulic mechanism that allows a door to gently close.  I think we can.  And if you have to go up on my room rate a couple of bucks, not a problem.

One final thought about hotel room doors.  The weigh the same as a small SUV, virtually bullet proof and about 2 inches thick, so how in the hell can I still hear what's on the other side?