That bundle of joy might not be so joyful after all. According to a new study, having kids might not actually make you happy, depending on your age.  Among couples under age 30, those with kids were less happy than those without kids, and the more kids the young parents had, the less happy they were.  However, the trend flip-flops in parents over 40- they are increasingly happier the more kids they have. Experts explain that young parents may be less happy because they have a lot going on in their lives that they are trying to balance with raising a family, which wears them out.  They also often have less money than slightly older parents, which could cause tension and strain.  Apparently the people on Teen Mom didn’t get the memo about this particular study.

Do you think it’s good to have kids young, or wait until you’re older?  Did your parents start young?  Do you feel pressure to have a family at a younger age than you want to?  Do you think it’s a bad idea to have kids later in life?  Please leave a comment.

[Via: and Development Review]