The song 'Royals' by Lorde was one of the big hits of the year in 2013. It's true, we'll never be royal... "gold teeth, Grey Goose... diamonds on your timepiece." Well, some young parents got together and remade the song from their point of view, a place all Mommies and Daddies can relate to! Here are a few of the lines from their version of the hit song.

We'll Never Be Rested

Lyrics by Josh Stearns and Erica Carlson

I never set my alarm clock anymore
I wake up before the dawn, I get up early
And I’m not proud of my outfit
It’s three am
And the baby’s screaming

And every minute’s like diapers, Thomas, splashin’ in the bathtub
Juice stains, snack traps, screamin’ in the minivan
They don’t care, we can’t remember the last time we dreamed
But everybody’s like swaddles, white noise, sleeping with your baby
Warm milk, rocking, let them cry it out now
We don’t care, we haven’t slept in a couple years.