Do you hate political ads? If you listen to Pandora Radio, you'll soon be the target of specific political ads. The Wall Street Journal reports people's musical tastes reveal their politics. The formula uses election results, zip codes, and musical selections to project whether specific users will vote Republican or Democrat.
Pandora's director of product management,  Jack Krawczyk, told the Wall Street Journal, “Targeting users is basically the currency in data right now.”
Krawczyk says fans of electronic music, jazz & reggae are likely to vote Democratic, while fans Gospel & New Age fans lean republican. He claims the data is 75-80% accurate.
Pandora has signed with two Washington, DC area ad firms, Bully Pulpit Interactive, and Precision Network. You can dodge the ads by upgrading to Pandora's "Premium" service. Users of the free service won't have that option.