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IS Supersonic Air Travel Coming Back?
The world got quite a bit smaller when the supersonic Concorde passenger jet was introduced in 1969. The Concorde could travel at twice the speed of sound. It was grounded in 2003, leaving no commercial options for travel at the speed of sound...
CJ Finds Cell Phone In Parking Lot, Looking For Owner [VIDEO]
After all the rain, thought I'd stop by The Wash near Service Chevrolet on Ambassador Caffery. My routine is to stop by the manual wash area where I know some of the dirt and bugs off before entering the main wash area. Today I spotted something by my tire.
Win The KTDY Office Dinner Party!
We know you have stress in your life. Our job at 99.9 KTDY is to help you cope, make your life a little easier & give you a break. That's why we play your favorite music, and try to give you a smile or two throughout the day. Who doesn't love a great dinner, and a little "pamperin…

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