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Try Steve Wiley’s ‘Muffeletta Omelet’
I love weekends because they allow for easing into the day, starting with coffee. After the infusion is complete, it's time for breakfast. On a recent Saturday, I poked through the fridge, and found the ingredients for a "Muffeletta Omelette."
Win The KTDY Office Dinner Party!
We know you have stress in your life. Our job at 99.9 KTDY is to help you cope, make your life a little easier & give you a break. That's why we play your favorite music, and try to give you a smile or two throughout the day. Who doesn't love a great dinner, and a little "pamperin…
Wrap A Gift In 10 Seconds Guaranteed [VIDEO]
Every year someone puts a video on the internet teaching the world how to wrap a present in just a few seconds. The only problem is that you have to have the intelligence of Albert Einstein and the moves of David Blaine the magician. Not this year!

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