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Avoid These Drinks This Carnival Season!
It's carnival season. We're gearing up for the biggest party of the year, Mardi - Gras! Folks will be consuming a wide variety of "adult beverages." If your resolution for 2018 involved anything related to weight loss, and health, there are some beverages you may want to avoid..…
5 Ways To Improve Lafayette’s Traffic Situation Overnight
Everyone who drives in Lafayette traffic on a regular basis, can attest as to how frustrating it can be. Especially during drive times, holidays, when school zones are in effect and most Saturdays. There are ways to improve the movement of Lafayette's traffic, literally overnight.
Kiss A Frog And Poof, No More Flu
Kissing a frog may be all you need to avoid catching the flu. The New York Post claims a certain kind of frog, may hold the secret to protecting you and your family from the flu. Sounds like something from an animated Disney movie, but it's not, this is real life.

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