Cub Scouts earn merit badges throughout the year, and one of the badges is in Communications.

As I understand it, visiting a radio station helps a Scout earn his Communication badge.  I frequently get calls from den leaders, wanting to schedule a tour for their Scouts.

Scouting Communication Badge (

One of the recent packs to visit was Tiger Cub Pack 156, led, in part, by Tiger Den Leader Kelli Stanford.

The Scouts, during their visit, learned about the importance of communication skills, as well as the services that radio station provide to the community.  They were taught about microphones, computers, control boards and commercials.  They were also taught the importance of listening, the "other" half of communicating.

The pack sent a nice thank-you note, along with some photos of their visit.

Most were paying attention! (Submitted Photo)


In no particular order: Reed, Alex, Grady, Noah, Aiden, Ben, Logan, Cole and Reid! Oh, JayCee is in there somewhere... (Submitted Photo)


Thank you note from Pack 156 (Submitted Photo)


If you have a non-profit group that would like a tour of the station, we may be able to accommodate!  Call our front desk, and ask to be sent to my voice mail.  Leave me a detailed message, and I'll get back to you about your tour.