A New Way To "Reach Out And Touch Someone"

According to survey data, Facebook is to blame for one in five divorces in the U.S. It’s not surprising- Facebook allows you to stay in touch with former flames and in some cases, generate new relationships. If you feel like your Facebook use is beginning to cross the line, experts say there are steps you can take to prevent things from going too far.  Many people reconnect with their exes on Facebook, which can lead to overly romanticizing the past.  A little fond reminiscing about the good old days is fine, but if you idealize the past, it can harm your current relationship, so keep your focus on the here and now.  Another common pitfall is to start keeping secrets from your partner, in favor of sharing intimate details of your life with certain Facebook friends.  To that end, remember that openness and full disclosure are important in any relationship.  And if your curiosity is too strong to ignore, just click that little button labeled “deactivate” and get rid of the temptation completely!

[Via:  Loyola University Health System and American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers]