I frequently go through the pictures on my phone to see if any will spark an idea for a story, and the oldest photos on my phone did the trick!

By "oldest", I mean the very first photos on my phone, at the beginning of the camera roll. I would guess that the oldest photos on your phone are still there because you don't want to delete them, for one reason or another; at least that's the case with the photos on my phone.

The 2 oldest photos on my phone are part of a pair of photos that need to be together: pictures of my parents.

JayCee's Father
JayCee's Mother

I have copies of these on my home computer, on my laptop, and in frames in my home, but I've never gotten around to deleting them from my camera roll on my phone, though both of my parents have been gone for a few years now.

The next picture: my best friend ever, Keith LeBlanc. He, too, has been gone now for a few years.

Keith LeBlanc (Photo by John Falcon)

Next is a photo of Shannon and I during the Thanksgiving holidays a few years back at her sister's house in Pineville.

JayCee and Shannon

And, finally, the other two loves of my life: Tucker and my Jeep!!

Tucker )Photo by John Falcon)

So, there you have them: the oldest photos on my phone that I just can't bring myself to delete. (I have to admit, it was fun taking a little trip down memory lane this morning!)

What are the oldest photos on your phone?