I like to do this from time-to-time: ask my co-workers what the oldest picture on their phone might be.

For Debbie Ray, it's a picture of her Dre and Bella

Dogs Dre and Bella Photo By Debbie Ray


. For Steve Wiley, it's a picture of a serene lake, with a beautiful sky overhead.



Lake Photo by Steve Wiley

On Chris Meaux's phone: his daughters and his mom at Disney World.

Chris Meaux, Townsquare Media






I reached out to CJ to get his first pic, but he's either busy (on vacation) or he doesn't want you to see the first pic on his phone!

And then, we get to my phone. It wasn't a picture, but it was a video, and it deserves a little explanation.  You see, I just got a new iPhone a few weeks ago and, obviously, I was playing with the filters on SnapChat:


What's the oldest pic on your phone?