These photos of a Louisiana State Police vehicle, parked in a fire lane, immobilized at McNeese State University were posted to Facebook in 2011, but they do raise a few questions for me...

The fact that a Louisiana State Police vehicle was parked in a fire lane (I assume that it was during a non-emergency visit) does bother me a little, but the fact that it was immobilized bothers me more.

My questions:

  1. Why was the vehicle parked there?
  2. Is it common practice for police officers to abuse parking regulations?
  3. If there would have been a fire/emergency, and first responders needed to get their vehicle to that spot, would the Louisiana State Trooper have been able to move his vehicle?  I mean, now it is immobilized!!
  4. How did this situation end?  Did the Louisiana State Trooper have to pay a fine to have the 'boots' removed?
Louisiana State Police McNeese (Facebook)

As usual, I have more questions than answers...

(Via Facebook)