A police officer, responding to a traffic crash in Pennsylvania, saw the German Shepard running from the crash scene....

After making sure that the two-legged crash victims were okay, the officer set off after the German Shepard.

Nick Ague chased the dog, finally catching up to her 2 miles from the crash site.  The dog, Mya, kept running from Ague when he would try to approach her, but then, suddenly, she just stopped.

Ague thought that it was odd that she was staying perfectly still, and that's when he noticed her paw.  Mya had just run 2 miles on hot asphalt; the pads of her paws were blistering off.

Ague, having a German Shepard of his own, swooped Mya off of her feet and carried her 100 yards to a waiting vehicle.

This picture of Ague carrying Mya has gone viral on the internet, earning Officer Ague praise from all corners of the world!

Nick Ague, of the South Londonderry Township Police, and Mya (Facebook)


In a world where people usually concentrate their efforts on the 'bad eggs' on the police force, it's good to see real compassion.  I know that it is out there, it just doesn't get the attention it deserves.

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