Experienced Acadiana drivers know not to speed in the village of Maurice. You can forget about getting a ticket "fixed." It doesn't matter who you are. Maurice is what's typically known as a "speed trap" town, but they're not trying to fool anybody. The 35 mph speed limit is clearly posted, and signs warning of a reduced speed zone ahead are  positioned to give motorists plenty of time to slow down.


That being said, if you get "popped", you're going to pay.
Drivers need to be even  more mindful now. The speed limit on the south end of town has been reduced from 65 miles per hour to 55. Mayor Wayne Theriot says DOTD was asked to study this change two years ago, citing business growth and concerns about high speeds. Theriot says the new speed limit gives drivers the opportunity to slow down gradually while approaching the city.
Thank God for cruise control!