Until I became a parent, I never fully understood just how wise and profound children are. They see this often dark world of ours through lenses of innocence, compassion, and pure love. We can learn a lot from kids, and while none have written self-help books (that I'm aware of, at least) one kid has come the closest.

Raymond Flores, an employee at a Wal-Mart in California,  found a notebook filled with rules while scanning the store parking lot. A few of the rules appear to be written by the trained hand of adult, but most of the rules bear the unmistakable style and spelling of  a child author. “Don’t get into other people’s business. Don’t call each other names. Clean up your messes. No eating other people’s food. One hundred eighteen is don’t keep saying 'please' if someone says no. I like that,” Flores commented after reading from the notebook to a reporter from Fox News 40, the California affiliate that first broke the story.

Other rules in the notebook include “Ware (sic) your seatbelt, “Resicle (sic)”,“Go to bed early if you have dance in the morning," “Put your shoes by the front door when you take them off,” “Don’t leave your friends behind and no texting and driving at the same time," and the one that makes oral care professionals the happiest, "don't bite the dentist."

Flores hopes to reunite the notebook with its young author, especially considering that rule #154 is "Protect this book." Watch the video below for more on this story.