The mother of Danielle Wright, who is lost at sea with 6 other crew members of the Nina, sent an email today to update everyone on the status of the search....

Earlier this week, a satellite image that showed a vessel the same shape/size as the Nina was found, but authorities needed a 'sharper' image before they would send out search vehicles.

The images are chilling:  the first one showing the satellite image of a vessel; the second image contains a comparison to the Nina....


Satellite Image, Daily Mail


Nina Comparison, Daily Mail

In her email, Robin Wright, Danielle's mother, mentions a boat race that could take vessels to that area that is currently underway, and, as always, sounds very optimistic about the condition of the crew.

Here is Robin's email:

Hey guys,

Just a quick update on the search for local UL student Danielle Wight and the crew of Nina missing at sea:

The satellite image of the boat (see attached) was taken on September 15th, and we found it about a week later by a Tomnod volunteer. We think there's an 80% chance it's Nina. We checked on fishing boats that could be in the area, but they're much bigger and shaped totally different. It could be a boat the same shape and size traveling to New Zealand, but there's no wake behind the boat, so she's not moving, and there aren't many boats that choose that route.

Looking back now, we probably should have sent a plane out immediately upon finding this image, but that's hind sight. Instead, we presented the image to New Zealand Coast Guard hoping that they would fly a rescue plane out like they said they would. but they want us to sharpen the image. We asked our US Dept of State to help us by re-tasking satellites in the Tasman and locate the boat again with a clear image, but with the government shut-down, we're not likely to hear anything any time soon.

Then we asked Digital Globe to take new images of the area where the boat could have drifted so we could find the boat image again and verify that the boat was still drifting in the area. Those images were provided, but we're still going through them, and it's taking a lot of time. So far that boat image hasn't been found, but there's also heavy cloud cover in sections that would hide Nina. The system is far from perfect, but it's all we have at the moment.

As it happens, there's a Tall Ship Regatta going on right now with 6 ships sailing from Sydney, Australia to Auckland, New Zealand.  We simply asked them to be on the look-out for Nina. A New Zealand reporter picked up our story, and after asking lots of questions, she decided to give an exclusive story to The New Zealand Herald. They ran a big, beautiful front page article on Monday, then one editor sent it to a friend at Good Morning, America. We got a call from Good Morning, America late Monday afternoon, and they had TV cameras at our house at 8:30PM on Monday night, so the broadcast was shown on Tuesday morning. Before lunch on Tuesday, I had a call from Fox News wanting Ricky and I to go live on Geraldo Rivera's program for Saturday night at 9PM. Our local news media has picked up the story again, so Ricky and I have been trying to be available for interviews and emails. We are finally getting the national media attention needed to push authorities to listen to us and help us.

Many are asking if it's even possible for the Nina crew to still be alive after 120 days of drifting in the Tasman. The answer is "YES". The crew is extremely well trained in survival. The boat has become a floating reef which attracts fish. I'm sure they are very tired of fish and water, but they can live a long time like that. John Glennie and 3 guys lived 2 months on 4 ounces of Sprite a day before the barnacles started growing on the boat which attracted the fish. They survived 119 days, and he says they could have lived a lot longer. All Nina crew members are strong and determined personalities, and they will do all within their power to keep everyone fit.

The families and Texas Equusearch remain extremely optimistic about the Nina being afloat and giving much needed shelter to the crew. We believe that they can live another 3-4 months if they are forced to, but we're not wiling to wait and see. Eventually the boat will drift to Australia as other boats have done in distressed situations. We are not giving up, because we know this crew will not give up!

The cards, letters, donations, emails, prayers and texts keep coming with encouraging words. You have no idea how much it means. Thank you again for standing with us and continuing to pray for crew and families of crew. It means so much. We couldn't do it without you all!!!

Robin G. Wright


You can still donate to the search efforts and help bring Danielle and the crew of the Nina home....


(Via Daily Mail)