From the discussions I have had with 'health care professionals', the 3 main things to remember when trying to lose weight are 1) eat less (control your caloric intake); 2) move more (exercise);  and 3) get with a 'trainer' or a group of people with similar goals (like the folks at R.A.G.E Training, which happens to be today's Seize the Deal!).

Losing weight will be easier for some (those that are dedicated) and harder for others (those that are not as dedicated, naturally).

Many of the 'gimmicks' include pills, powders, wraps, pre-packaged foods, drops, bracelets (really?  Seriously?  BRACELETS??) and, of course, workout 'tools'.

Which brings us to the Shake Weight.  When the Shake Weight first hit the market with its infomercials, it seemed to be a bigger hit with the talk shows than it did with the people who were trying to get healthy.

Ellen Degeneres tried it, and loved it...

Jay Leno made his jokes, as did David Letterman.  And now, as a gift from Korea, the talk shows have new material in the form of the (huge fanfare here):  Horse Riding Fitness Ace Power exercise.... horse.... thingy...   I guess I can't quite put it into words, so I'll let the video 'speak' for itself....  (DISCLAIMER!!  Slightly NSFW, and I don't speak Korean, so I hope that they are not cussing out your grandmother in the commercial)


I can't wait until Ellen gets a hold of this machine!!


(Via Youtube)