Two UL Lafayette Astrophysicists believe they may have found evidence of a new planet in the solar system.  UL Professor Dan Whitmire says, “We've predicted it, but we're not the ones looking for it.”

Whitmire and Dr. John Matese discovered evidence of a possible new planet or mass 12 years ago.  They now say they have more data to back their findings.

The UL Colleagues have been studying a remote area at the far edge of the solar system called the Oort Cloud, a collection of space debris and remnants from comets. The Professors say about 20% of these comets have abnormal orbits which suggest interference from a large mass.

Whitmire says, "We explain this in terms of a giant planet, about one to four times the mass of Jupiter." This Mass or “planet” is known as Tyche.

Whitmire and Matese say their data will be compared with information from NASA and the Wide-Field Infrared Survey Explorer (WISE) satellite telescope. The Scientists say within two years their findings should be either confirmed or denied.  And… If they're right… "We'll be very excited," Whitmere exclaims.