Jimmy Fallon from 'The Tonight Show' is having a contest called 'Fingers on a 4x4' and 49-year-old Barbara Wilkinson from New Orleans is competing.

Fallon has been talking about buying a truck for weeks now and has decided to buy a Ford.  He has 10 sales representatives from dealerships from around the nation competing to win the honor.  Wilkinson and 9 other contestants will have to keep their hands on a Ford Truck which has been parked on the U.S.S. Intrepid since Monday.

The energetic Wilkinson works at Bill Hood Ford and Lincoln in Hammond and has had her hand on the truck since Monday and never quite even when temperatures dropped into the 20's.  You can follow the contest online!

Wilkinson told a Baton Rouge television station that selling a truck to Jimmy Fallon would boost her career.

[Via:  NBC33]