The New Orleans Saints did not have good luck on Sunday while playing the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. They suffered two loses, the game as well as their coach to an injury. The Saints lost the game 26-20.

After the game, I heard some fans around the apartment complex saying, "Man, Brees lost that game for us."  So I decide to ask KTDY Facebook fans if they thought our beloved quarterback lost the game Sunday...Here are just a few comments:

Damon Tiny Prudhomme "Ohh they all sucked but when Its going all good QB's love the glory. As the #1 team captain he needs to step up and say he screwed that game.."

Laura Delcambre Bouton "No he didn't. The whole team didn't come out and play. Drew Brees is still the man."

Cindy Hebert "Win as a team, lose as a team!!! Can't pin a loss on a single player and can't give a win to a single player."

Sandra Gerard "Yes he did."

Margaret Speyrer DeVillier "I really believe that Drew was every upset about his coach..That is why he was unable to concentrate on the game...."

Louella Francis "Yes he did they could of had a touchdown robert meachem was wide open on other side of the field brees was not looking at all we had that game won."