According to a report from the celebrity publication Popeater, Kate Gosselin wants to put the past behind her and find herself a partner. She tells Popeater that "no one wants to be a single mom." But Kate, what man would want to take on eight--count them, eight little children?

Of course, there is the celebrity factor that may lure men toward Kate. That and the fact that she has worked out, gets expensive hair styles and spends lots of time at the spa. These things have made Kate a very attractive lady, and that never hurts when in man-hunting mode.

Could it be jealousy that's driving Kate Gosselin to look for a man? After all, ex-hubby Jon Gosselin has been with his girlfriend for a while now, and he has even settled down and gotten a job. Is Kate looking for that same kind of stability?

Kate should make a list of stipulations that any man seeking her affections can agree to. Or head on out the door. He must love kids--lots of them, all at the same time. He must be patient and kind. And he must be perfectly content to say "Yes, honey" to Kate a lot.

Kate Gosselin can't be an easy person to live with. That became quite clear during the last couple of seasons of "Jon and Kate Plus 8." So any guy who has done his homework will be well apprised of that facet of Gosselin's demeanor. She is very set in her ways and not much can change that.

Still Kate has some good qualities. She dances like a scarecrow, she likes to market books she really hasn't written and she loves to travel the world over, leaving her eight little Gosselins in the care of nannies who keep quitting.

Does Kate Gosselin sound like a catch, guys? If so, she could be making you her 2011 New Year's resolution!

(Article by Kimberly Ripley/Gather.Com)