There's a lot of great homegrown talent in this area and we've just discovered a bright new singer from right here in Acadiana that we want you to know about. Katelyn Stelly is 18 years old, from New Iberia, Louisiana. She's aspired to do music professionally for just about as long as she can remember, spending seven years as a member of the nonprofit organization Louisiana Kids, Inc. which she's quick to credit with helping her build self esteem and stage presence. She was on American Idol, not once but twice, unfortunately not long enough for any air time, but still has plenty to be proud of! :) She was Acadiana Idol 2010 and is now the reigning Baton Rouge Idol for 2011. Katelyn says, "I got tired of waiting around for some reality TV show to tell me I was good enough when it was convenient for them." This determination took her into the recording studio where she recorded several cover songs.

Give her cover of Joss Stone's 'Right to be Wrong' a listen.

Her CD will officially be available for download on ReverbNation and iTunes for free, however if you prefer a hard copy, that will be available for free as well. Just contact Kate Stelly on facebook, or follow her via twitter for updates @KateStelly! She'll be appearing in the Iberia Performing Arts League's 'Chicago' from March 9-24 as the lead, Roxie Hart. While rehearsing for the that part, she'll be working on original songs here at home. :)"Once the play is over is when I expect to really hit the studio hard, recording my originals and getting them out to fans I've gained through my covers CD, which is by the way entitled 'Undercover!' Also, once the play is over, Kate says, "I am looking for a more permanent residence in Nashville to be near more opportunities for me, musically!" Nothing but good things ahead for this Cajun songbird with the bluesy voice from the Berry! Best of luck, Katelyn, we're pulling for you!