If you have a hometown, there's probably, by now, a Facebook page or group for it.

If you are a member of that page/group, and, if you are like me, your email has probably gotten overloaded with "Notifications" from Facebook about a new post on the Lafayette Memories page.  Or, in my case, "So-and-So just posted in the 'Henry High School - Erath, Louisiana' page".  Whatever the case, I learned pretty quickly how to change my settings for these pages so as to not have the IT guys at work  jumping down my neck.

It seems to be the newest trend with the social networking sites, Facebook in particular, to post memories about your experiences in a particular town, school, or industry.  This past Sunday, Ed Roy (former meteorologist for KATC TV3, and frequent contributor to the Paul Harvey show) started a 'Acadiana Broadcasting Legends' page, and as of the time of this writing, it has over 300 members.    That's 4 days, in an industry that is known for turnover, but still is a slightly obscure group.

Here are the links to some that I have found:

If you grew up in Abbeville....






Breaux Bridge


Acadiana Broadcast Legends


Henry High School


These will take you to the Erath High School page, the Lafayette, Louisiana Fan Page , and the Lafayette Memories pages, respectively.

Has someone started a page/group for your school or hometown?  Post the link here so others can find them!!