Earlier this week I mentioned on the air about how a new Coke machine in a Burger King was offering almost 150 different drink choices.  Not quite sure how this was possible, I started doing some research.  I Googled "New Coke Machine 100 Flavors", and the results included Wikipedia's site, with this description: "Coca-Cola Freestyle is a touch screen soda fountain introduced by The Coca-Cola Company in 2009."

2009?  2009??  Where have I been?  Why haven't I seen one of these locally?  After watching the video and seeing how many options there are, I realize that I would need intervention just to be able to back away from the machine, and then probably months of therapy to get over the ordeal.  Coke with raspberry!  COKE WITH ORANGE (just like they used to serve when I was in Germany!).

Coca-Cola, please send one to Lafayette, Louisiana!