So I went to Pack and Paddle today to talk to one of the employees about the new 'barefoot'-type of shoes that are becoming the new rage. Before I go any further:  If you know me, you know that I am not the 'fad', 'craze', 'the latest-thing-all-the-kids-are-doing kind of guy (probably because my family couldn't afford a 'pet rock' when we were coming up... we had pet crawfish mounds).

Anyhoot, Shannon and I started the C25K program last week, and I have been doing research on running shoes. My research found (okay, Wikipedia told me ) that, through the 1950's, there wasn't much change in the field of sneakers.  Once the Baby Boom occurred, sneaker sales skyrocketed, and companies began heavily competing for the sneaker business, with new models coming out regularly.  This is what changed the 'style' of the shoe as we know it, and added the increased height of the heel in the running/training/tennis shoes.

So, before all of the heated corporate competition, shoes were much simpler, and, according to some, 'healthier'.  More like the 'track' shoes we knew in high school.  Simple, not much arch, very little cushion/heel.

Some of the pros/cons are covered by Dr. Clay in this video.

Well, now that I own a pair, I will incorporate them into my routine.  The salesperson/music lover at Pack and Paddle recommended that I transition to the new shoes gradually, to allow my body to adjust.  I will let you know if they help/hinder my performance/comfort.

Oh, here are some different styles of this shoe.









I couldn't stomach wearing any of the brightly colored ones, so I got these:

What is your reaction when you see someone wearing them??

(Via Vibram)