When you find someone who compliments you, your lifestyle and enjoys the things you do, Never Let Them Go.

After watching the Olympics on television, I was thinking a trip to London might be exciting.  And if such a trip were to take place, should I do it alone or not.  Which prompted me to share this message with you.

After just reading the article 'Who's Happier:  Married Men Or Single Men?', I learned that even though married men give up many freedoms and certainly do their share of complaining about their wives to their buddies, married men admit they are overall happier than when they were single men.

How is it that married men are more happy than single males?  Single men can do whatever they want, whenever they want.  Leave dirty clothes on the floor, dishes in the sink and never ever think about cleaning the tub.  What a life!

The truth is, nothing on this Earth means anything if you don't have someone to share in it.  That's why if you find that special someone, Never Let Them Go!