This week Elvis Presley would have been 79-years-old and Elvis Fans around the world are in awe of the never before published photo of Elvis at 13 that was seen by the public for the first time this week.

The photo is of a blonde haired Elvis at 13 who appears to have just come out of a drug store.  You might be wondering why his hair is light and not dark in the black and white photo, that's because Presley was a natural blonde and started dying his hair black after he became famous.

The fact that this photo surfaced during his birthday week is somewhat bazaar but probably not as bizarre as why it was even taken in the first place.  In the small town of Tupelo, Mississippi, the birthplace of Elvis Aaron Presley, a lady was walking toward the town drugstore to have a roll of film developed.  She saw Elvis, whom she knew, and asked him to pose so that she could take the very last picture on the roll of film in her camera before she dropped it off at the drugstore.  She never knew she had just captured the image of the greatest entertainer in the world.

I can't publish the picture, but you can see it here.